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No topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

No point - Essay Example Reliability is another critical quality for a client care agent. On the off chance that the clients can't have confidence in what the delegate is stating, they won't wish to execute with him. Consequently, one must not make bogus or overstated cases, and should just guarantee what they can convey. A client care delegate should consistently be amiable and tolerant. They should abstain from getting upset, regardless of whether the client is setting unjustifiable expectations. They should listen to the client, and give close consideration to their necessities and needs. After their necessities are built up, the client support delegate should react politely and disclose to the client in detail, what he has asked about. Also, a client care delegate must have the option to tackle issues in a snappy and proficient way. They should be adaptable and obliging to the customers’ needs. I have been working in the client assistance field for a long time at this point, which has supplied me with a remarkable cognizance of how to manage clients. This involvement with the field will be an extraordinary bit of leeway for me while connecting with people. I am a dedicated individual and will have no second thoughts about investing additional push to guarantee consumer loyalty.

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Night World Soulmate Chapter 11 Free Essays

Hannah mixed. She ambiguously felt that something wasn't right, something required doing. At that point she recollected. We will compose a custom exposition test on Night World : Soulmate Chapter 11 or then again any comparative theme just for you Request Now The vehicle! She needed to remain wakeful, needed to keep the vehicle out and about. . . Her eyes flew open. She was at that point off the street. The Ford had gone wandering over the open prairie, where there was nearly nothing to hit with the exception of sagebrush and tumble-weeds. It had wound up with its front guard against a thorny pear, twisting the prickly plant at an incomprehensible edge. The night was extremely peaceful. She glanced around and found that she could see the light of Chess’s house, behind her and to one side. The motor was off. Hannah turned the key in the start, however just got a pounding sound. Presently what? Would it be advisable for me to get out and walk? She attempted to focus on her body, to make sense of how she felt. She should feel awful all things considered, she’d lost blood and gulped who realized what sort of toxic substance from Thierry’s veins. Be that as it may, rather she just felt unusually woozy, marginally marvelous. I can walk. I’m fine. Clutching her length of dowel, she escaped the vehicle and headed toward the light. She could scarcely feel the unpleasant ground and the bluestem grass under her feet. She had approached a hundred yards toward the light when she heard a wolf wail. It was such an unmistakable sound-thus mixed up. Hannah halted abruptly. For a wild second she thought about whether coyotes cried. In any case, that was ludicrous. It was a wolf, much the same as the wolves that had assaulted her at Paul’s. Furthermore, she didn’t have anything made of silver. Simply continue strolling, she thought. She didn’t need the cool breeze voice to reveal to her that. Indeed, even in her dizzy state, she was terrified. She’d seen the viciousness of teeth and paws close up. Also, the piece of her that was Hana of the Three Rivers had a gut-profound dread of wild creatures that the socialized Hannah Snow would never start to approach. She grasped her stick in a damp palm and continued strolling terribly. The cry sounded once more, so close that Hannah hopped inside her skin. Her eyes dashed, attempting to pick protests out in the obscurity. She felt as though she could see better than expected around evening time could the vampire blood have done that? Be that as it may, even with her new vision, she couldn’t spot anything moving. Her general surroundings was abandoned and shockingly peaceful. Furthermore, the stars were extremely far away. They blasted in the sky with a virus blue light as though to show how far off they were from human undertakings. I could kick the bucket here and they’d go directly on sparkling, Hannah thought. She felt little and very irrelevant and alone. And afterward she heard a breath drawn behind her. Amusing. The wolf yells had been so uproarious, and this was so soft†¦ but it was significantly more startling. It was close-cozy. An individual sound that revealed to her she certainly wasn’t alone. Hannah spun with her stick held prepared. Her skin was creeping and she could feel a wash of corrosive from her stomach, yet she intended to battle for her life. She was at one with the cool breeze voice; her heart was dim and cold and steely. A tall figure was remaining there. Starlight reflected off pale fair hair. Thierry. Hannah leveled her stick. â€Å"What’s the issue? Return for more?† she stated, and she was satisfied to discover her voice consistent. Imposing, yet consistent. She waved her stick at him to show what sort of â€Å"more† she implied. â€Å"Are all of you right?† Thierry said. He appeared to be unique from the last time she’d seen him. His demeanor was unique. His dull eyes appeared to be thoughtful once more, the kind of articulation a star may have in the event that it thought about whatever was going on underneath it. Unendingly remote, however boundlessly dismal, as well. â€Å"Why should you care?† An influx of tipsiness experienced her. She warded it off-and saw that he was venturing toward her, hand connecting. She got the stick ready to the specific degree of his hand, an inch from his palm. She was intrigued with herself for how quick she did it. Her body was moving the way it had with the werewolves, instinctually and easily. I guess I had an actual existence as a warrior, she pondered. I think that’s where the cool breeze voice originates from, just the manner in which the gem voice originates from Hana of the Three Rivers. â€Å"I do care,† Thierry said. His voice said he didn’t anticipate that her should trust it. Hannah giggled. The blend of her dazedness and her body impulse was having an odd impact. She felt recklessly, moronically pompous. Possibly this is the thing that alcoholic feels like, she thought, her brain meandering once more. â€Å"Hannah-â€Å" Hannah made the stick whistle noticeable all around, preventing him from coming any nearer to her. â€Å"Are you crazy?† she said. There were tears in her eyes. â€Å"Do you imagine that you can simply assault me and afterward return what's more, state I’m sorry’ and it’s all going to be alright? All things considered, it isn’t. On the off chance that there was ever anything between us, it’s all over at this point. There is no second chance.† She could see his face tense. A muscle jerked in ~ his tight jaw. In any case, the most interesting thing was that she could have sworn he had tears in his eyes, as well. It rankled her. How could he profess to be harmed by her, after what he’d done? â€Å"I despise you.† She spat the words with a power that alarmed even her. â€Å"I don’t need you. I don’t need you. What's more, I’m letting you know for the third time, get the hellfire far from me.† He had opened his mouth as though he were going to state something, yet when she got to ‘I don’t need, you,’ he out of nowhere shut it. At the point when she completed, he turned away, over the shortgrass prairie. â€Å"And possibly that’s best,† he said imperceptibly. â€Å"For you to keep away?† â€Å"For you to abhor me.† He took a gander at her once more. Hannah had never observed eyes that way. They were unthinkably inaccessible and broke and still†¦ like the harmony after a war that slaughtered everybody. â€Å"Hannah, I came to reveal to you that I am going away,† he went on. His voice resembled his eyes, bloodless what's more, extinguished. â€Å"I’m returning home. I won’t trouble you once more. What's more, you’re right; you don’t need me. You can carry on with a long and upbeat existence without me.† In the event that he anticipated that her should be intrigued, she wasn’t. She wouldn’t accept words from him any longer. â€Å"There’s only one thing.† He dithered. â€Å"Before I go, OK let me take a gander at you? At your neck. I need to ensure that†-another passing faltering â€Å"that I didn’t hurt you when I assaulted you.† Hannah chuckled once more, a short, sharp bark of a giggle. â€Å"How dumb do you think I am? That is to say, really.† She chuckled again and heard an edge of delirium in it. â€Å"If you need to accomplish something for me, you can turn around and go. Leave forever.† â€Å"I will.† There was such a great amount of strain all over. â€Å"I guarantee. I’m simply stressed over you getting inside before you faint.† â€Å"I can deal with myself. I don’t need any assistance from you.† Hannah was feeling dizzier continuously, however she made an effort not to allow it to appear. â€Å"If you would simply leave, I’ll be fine.† Truth be told, she knew she wasn’t going to be fine. The dark spots were amassing before her eyes once more. She was going to pass out soon. At that point I’d better beginning for Chess’s, she thought. It was craziness to walk out on him, however it was more terrible madness to remain here until she crumbled at his feet. â€Å"I’m leaving now,† she stated, attempting to sound clear and exact and dissimilar to somebody who was going to fall over oblivious. â€Å"And I don’t need you to follow me.† She turned and began strolling. I won't black out, I won't swoon, she let herself know dismally. She swung her stick and attempted to take full breaths of the cool night air. However, tufts of grass appeared to be attempting to stumble her with each progression and the whole scene appeared to shake each time she gazed upward. I †¦ will†¦ not†¦ black out. She realized her life relied upon it. The ground appeared to be rubbery now, as though her feet were sinking into it and afterward bouncing back. Furthermore, where was the light that checked Chess’s house? It had by one way or another gotten over to one side of her. She adjusted her course and discovered. I won't faint†¦. And afterward her legs basically softened. She didn’t have legs. The remainder of her fell gradually toward the ground. Hannah figured out how to dampen her fall with her arms. At that point everything was still and dull. She didn’t go out totally. She was gliding in haziness, feeling woozy despite the fact that she was lying down, when she detected somebody close to her. No, she thought. Get the stick. He’ll nibble you; he’ll execute you. Be that as it may, she couldn’t move. Her hand wouldn’t comply with her. She felt a delicate hand get over her hair her face. No †¦ At that point a touch on her neck. However, it was just delicate fingers, running gently over the skin where she’d been chomped today around evening time. They felt like a doctor’s fingers, investigating to analyze. She heard a moan that seemed like alleviation, and afterward the fingers trailed away. â€Å"You’ll be all right.† Thierry’s voice went to her delicately. She understood he didn’t figure she could hear him. He thought she was oblivious. â€Å"As long as you avoid vampires for the following week.† Was that a danger? Hannah didn’t comprehend. She prepared herself for the penetrating torment of teeth. At that point she felt him contact her once more, simply his fingertips brushing her face. The touch was so limitlessly delicate. So delicate. No, Hannah thought. She needed to move, to ki

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Leadership @ MIT

Leadership @ MIT I did some ~leadership~ in high school, as Im sure many of you did. Maybe your experiences were similar to mine; probably a lot of them were, tbh, since I followed a very typical path. In middle school and freshman year, I joined some clubs, learned a lot, and had fun; sophomore and junior year, I stuck with the clubs I cared about the most and learned more about them and how they worked. Senior year, I was In Charge: the clubs took over my life, and I spent lots and lots of my time and energy planning events and teaching kiddos. By the end of senior year, I was super burned out and ready to move on, and although I still talk to the younger students I met through those clubs, Im barely involved at all with their actual day-to-day workings. Sound familiar? Theres nothing necessarily wrong with this path; through my extracurricular involvement in high school, I learned a lot, both about my clubs topics themselves (#Classics4lyfe) and about how to mentor younger people and run large groups. I had a ton of fun, met my girlfriend and some of my best friends, and was given an outlet for my energy and creativity that my classes didnt always offer. But at the same time, there were downsides. By the end of senior year, I was exhausted and desperately needed a break.01 Which I didnt really get, because I worked a job all summer. Dont do this if you can avoid it, kids! Summer before freshman year = time to relax. Then, I moved to Boston, making me pretty unavailable to help the younger students who now run my clubs. I experienced this dynamic, too, when I was the younger student, and it was sometimes really difficult for example, when my predecessor hadnt left good enough records and I didnt know how to do a traditional task, or when my predecessor was officially the one in charge for one more month, but in effect, they had already checked out. In high school, I thought this was just the way things were. Life is hard; get used to it. And then I came to MIT, and I realized that there was so much more to the world than I thought there was.02 this is true with respect to many things. maybe i will make a post compiling them all some day At MIT, or at least in the little corners of it Ive seen, the leadership trajectory is nothing like this; it takes a shape I honestly never imaged in high school. At MIT, freshmen get to do things! Freshmen get to be the president of their a cappella group, or run an ESP program, or be in charge of running their dorms CPW events, or work with administrators to help review and update our housing policies and these things are common, encouraged, and in some cases even tradition. How do we make this work? Whats preventing all of us freshmen from biting off more than we can chew and drowning? Well, to be honest, it sometimes happens (it sometimes happens to everyone; thats the MIT Experience TM), and I do think there are some positions that might really require a years worth of familiarity with the Institute. But the real secret here is: upperclassman and alumni involvement. When freshmen take on more leadership roles, older students dont get as burned out; they stick around for mentorship, and to field a barrage of questions like When was this due last year?, Should I mention X or just Y in my email?, and Do we  always spend $1,000 on this? MIT has a culture of alumni involvement, aka people not just blowing the popsicle stand after four years and then only interacting to donate money to the corporation, and I think thats not necessarily present at all undergrad institutions. Plus, we have a robust grad school and we live in a big city; people often stick around for a few years after graduating, whether to get more education or simply because their job is here. Lots of those people just keep on showing up, supporting their old groups at events and pitching in when help is needed. So although freshmen may be in charge, in reality, our support system is much, much stronger than it was when I was In Charge (with capitals!) in high school. I think that this is one facet, perhaps a less-often recognized one, of MITs unique mentality, which I have just now coined sink or swim with support. (And, like, Im not claiming that its always like this sometimes the support isnt there, and thats obviously Bad. What Im describing is MIT at its best.) Here, you have room to try and fail: to tackle hard psets, to sign up for difficult classes, to try out roles for which you might have little experience. Many of us learn from this that our abilities are greater than we thought them to be, and succeed where we had worried we would fail. But if we do fail, there are office hours; there is a very late drop date; there are older students who can advise and teach you. And with this safety net, I personally, at least, feel more able to take a chance when I do not know if I will reach my goal Im able to stretch my failure muscles instead of only ever trying things I know I can do, and never finding out what else I might be capable of. So, uh, catch me at my a cappella groups concert on Friday?!?!? I will be the one holding the thirty-six servings of mac and cheese I just ordered on Amazon, handing out the skit scripts, humming my music so I dont forget it, and trying not to lose my mind. 3 Post Tagged #leadership Which I didn't really get, because I worked a job all summer. Don't do this if you can avoid it, kids! Summer before freshman year = time to relax. back to text ? this is true with respect to many things. maybe i will make a post compiling them all some day back to text ?

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Using the Spanish Verb Saber

Saber is a common verb whose basic meaning is to have knowledge or to have knowledge of. Although it is often translated as to know, it should not be confused with conocer, which also is often translated as to know. The basic meaning of saber can be seen most clearly when it is followed by a noun or a phrase functioning as a noun:  ¿Sabe alguien los horarios de los buses desde el aeropuerto? Does anyone know the times of the buses from the airport?Nuestra presidente no sabe inglà ©s. Our president doesnt know English.No se sabe mucho de su muerte. Not much is known about his death.Sà © bien la verdad. I know the truth well.Nunca sabemos el futuro. We never know the future. When followed by an infinitive, saber often means to know how: El que no sabe escuchar no sabe entender. The one who doesnt know how to listen doesnt know how to understand.No saben escribir en cursiva. They dont know how to write in cursive.El problema era que los dos no sabà ­amos nadar. The problem was that the two of us didnt know how to swim. Saber can mean to find out. This is especially true when it is used in the preterite tense: Supe que todos tenemos cosas en comà ºn. I found out that all of us have things in common.Nunca supieron que estaban equivocados. They never found out that they were mistaken. In context, saber can be used to say to have news about someone or something: No sà © nada de mi madre. I dont have any news about my mother. The phrase saber a can be used to indicate what something tastes like: Yo no he comido iguana, pero se dice que sabe a pollo. I havent eaten iguana, but they say it tastes like chicken. Remember that saber is conjugated irregularly.

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Internet Exercises Appendix Chapter 1 Free Essays

INTERNET EXERCISES APPENDIX Chapter 1: Marketing’s Role in the Global Economy Internet Exercise: Wal-Mart You can check out the on-line shopping experience of Wal-Mart on the Web by going to www. wal-mart. com and clicking on â€Å"Go Shopping. We will write a custom essay sample on Internet Exercises Appendix Chapter 1 or any similar topic only for you Order Now † For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 8. Internet Exercise: ONSALE Auction Supersite The ONSALE Auction Supersite features a number of on-line auctions in which different sellers auction off computer, consumer electronics, and other products to buyers. Visit the web site at www. onsale. com and review an open auction for a consumer electronics product. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this market for sellers? For buyers? For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 17. Internet Exercise: World Trade Organization The World Trade Organization is a very important force behind the global move toward free trade, but sometimes there are still disputes. Go to the WTO web site at www. wto. org and find out how the WTO settles disputes. Do you think that this procedure favors the developed nations, the less-developed nations, or neither? Give your thinking. For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 22. Chapter 2: Marketing’s Role within the Firm or Nonprofit Organization Internet Exercise: L. L. Bean The L. L. Bean web site (www. llbean. com) offers consumers a lot of information, including information about national parks. Do you think that this helps Bean to build relationships with its target customers? For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 40. Internet Exercise: Lilly Lilly, the pharmaceutical company, makes the effort to be socially responsible. To find out more about Lilly’s corporate citizenship, go to the Lilly home page (www. lilly. om) and click on company information and then click on corporate citizenship. For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 42. Chapter 3: Focusing Marketing Strategy with Segmentation and Positioning Internet Exercise: McDonald’s McDonald’s has about 22,000 restaurants in 109 countries. Go to its web site, www. mcdonalds. com, and determine what country is its largest market out side the U. S. Do you think it offers more or less opportunity for future growth than the U. S.? For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 67. Internet Exercise: Marriott Courtyard by Marriott targets business travelers. Visit the Marriott web site, www. marriott. com, and write down what you think are the qualifying and determining dimensions for a businessperson choosing Courtyard over Marriott’s other hotel options. For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 81. Chapter 4: Evaluating Opportunities in the Changing Marketing Environment Internet Exercise: Tupperware If you were a new marketing manager at Rubbermaid, you might be interested in finding out more about Tupperware, an important competitor in some markets. What type of relevant information could you get by going to the Tupperware web site, (www. tupperware. com)? For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 101. Internet Exercise: Consumer Reports The Consumer Product Safety Commission sometimes requires auto makers to issue recalls. However, not all consumers learn about the recalls. Go to the Consumer Reports web site (www. consumerreports. com/recalls) and check to see if there has been a recall on a year and model of car or truck that is of interest to you (say, one owned by your family). For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 110. Chapter 5: Demographic Dimensions of Global Consumer Markets Internet Exercise: CIA’s World Factbook Visit the web site for the CIA’s World Factbook (www. odci. gov/cia/publications/factbook) and compare the profile data for Canada and Australia. How are they similar and how are they different? For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 133. Internet Exercise: JNCO Revatex grew rapidly when its wide-leg JNCO brand jeans became a hit with teens. Do you think that its web site (www. jnco. com) does a good job appealing to teens? Why? For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 138. Chapter 6: Behavioral Dimensions of the Consumer Market Internet Exercise: SRI’s VALS Go to the SRI Internet site (http://future. sri. com), click on VALS, and then click on â€Å"direct to the survey† to review the VALS questionnaire. If you wish, complete the short questionnaire on-line. SRI will provide you with your VALS profile. For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 164. Internet Exercise: GAP To make it easier for consumers to visualize how certain fashions will look together, the GAP’s web site (www. gap. com) has a â€Å"get dressed interactive† feature. Go the GAP web site and check out this feature. Do you think that it makes it easier to evaluate a potential purchase? For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 173. Chapter 7: Business and Organizational Customers and Their Buying Behavior Internet Exercise: Computer Discount Warehouse At the Computer Discount Warehouse web site (www. cdw. com) a buyer can easily compare the features and prices of competing products. Click on desktop computers and then on the CDW Compare feature to do a comparison of two â€Å"high end† computers from two different manufacturers. How helpful would this analysis be if you were a computer buyer? For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 187. Internet Exercise: Thomas Register The Thomas Register has a very comprehensive database of firms at its web site (www. thomasregister. com). Click on search and it will prompt you to register. After you register (it’s free), search by product/service on the keyword welding. How could the information provided by your search help you if you sold a product that was used by firms in the welding industry? How could it help you if you were a buyer looking for a supplier of welding products? For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 199. Chapter 8: Improving Decisions with Marketing Information Internet Exercise: Yahoo Assume that your boss has asked you to do a customer satisfaction survey. As part of a situation analysis, you want to get ideas about what others have done in this area. Go to the web site for the Yahoo search engine (www. yahoo. com). In the dialogue box type â€Å"customer satisfaction survey† (include the quote marks) and click on search. Look at some of the web sites identified. How helpful is this ? How could it be improved? For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 222. Internet Exercise: Perseus Perseus Development Corporation sells software that allows a user to create on-line questionnaires that can be distributed by e-mail or used on the Internet. To see samples of on-line questions, go to the Perseus web site (www. perseus. com) and then click on Survey Samples. Do you think that it’s more convenient for a consumer to complete a survey on-line or with pencil and paper? For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 227. Chapter 9: Elements of Product Planning for Goods and Services Internet Exercise: Procter Gamble Go to the Procter Gamble web site (www. pg. com) and click on PG Products. Find out the brand names of the different shampoos that PG makes. How are the different brands positioned and what target markets do they appeal too? For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 259. Internet Exercise: FDA The FDA’s web site has a page on the new food label requirements that proclaims â€Å"grocery store aisles have become avenues to greater nutritional knowledge. Go to that page at Internet address (www. fda. gov/opacom/backgrounders/foodlabel/newlabel. html) and review the actual label requirements. Do you use this information in deciding what products to buy? For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 262. Chapter 10: Product Management and New-Product Development Internet Exercise: WebTV A number of software, hardware, and programming firms are workin g on products that deliver Internet information via TV. Explore the WebTV web site (www. webtv. com) to find out about one aspect of this idea. Do you think that many people will be interested in quickly adopting WebTV? How does it stack up when you consider the characteristics of an innovation reviewed above? For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 275. Internet Exercise: Marketing Intelligence Service Marketing Intelligence Service, Ltd. is a U. S. -based firm that tracks new consumer packaged goods–both successes and failures. Go to its web site (ourworld. compuserve. com/homepages/mktgintelsvc) and click on the What’s New button and then review its selections for new product innovations of the year. Do you think that these products offer customers superior value, or are they just me-too imitations? For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 283. Chapter 11: Place and Development of Channel Systems Internet Exercise: Gateway Gateway is a computer company that uses direct distribution to its customers in the U. S. Go to the Gateway web site (www. gateway. com) and think about how it is organized. Given that Gateway doesn’t use different channels of distribution to reach different types of customers, how does it segment the market? For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 301. Internet Exercise: Avon Avon sells cosmetics and other products through independent sales representatives (agents) and also though a catalog (both on-line and printed). Review the Avon web site (www. avon. com). Do you think that Avon’s independent sales representatives would view the web site as competing for their customers’ purchases and a source of conflict or would they think that it helps them promote the product and identify new prospects? Explain your thinking. For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 317. Chapter 12: Distribution Customer Service and Logistics Internet Exercise: Virtual Logistics Directory Large corporations often turn to other firms that specialize in logistics–transportation and warehousing services, consultants, developers of computer systems, and the like–to help implement the physical distribution aspects of their marketing strategies. The web site of the Virtual Logistics Directory (www. logisticdirectory. com) lists many logistics specialists and what they do. Go to the web site and select the Integrated Logistics category. Review the descriptions of some of the firms listed, and then pick one. Explain why a large corporation with a logistics problem might seek its help rather than just trying to tackle the problem internally. For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 329. Internet Exercise: North Carolina Ports Authority A firm that is just starting to export to international markets may want help figuring out what shipping services are available. The North Carolina Ports Authority’s web site (www. ncports. com) helps provide such information. Go to the web site, select Port Services, and review the different firms and agencies that might be able to provide you with help if you had to ship a large quantity of furniture to the Middle East. Identify an organization from those listed that you might want to contact first, and indicate why. For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 334. Chapter 13: Retailers, Wholesalers, and Their Strategy Planning Internet Exercise: INTERSHOP INTERSHOP Communications develops and sells software that companies use to create â€Å"virtual stores† for Internet retailing. For example, it allows a seller to create an on-line catalog that is easy for consumers to use and it has tools for analyzing sales and keeping track of customers. Go to the firm’s web site (www. intershop. com) and select Products. Review the information provided. (If your computer is equipped to view RealVideo video, you might also want to watch the demo. ) Do you think it would be easier for consumers if all Internet sellers used a common system, such as this one, rather than coming up with many different arrangements? Briefly explain your thinking. For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 359. Internet Exercise: Fastenal Visit the Fastenal web site (www. fastenal. com). Check out the different aspects of the Fastenal web site. Give examples of ways that the web site is intended to help Fastenal’s customers and suppliers. For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 370. Chapter 14: Promotion–Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications Internet Exercise: Sony Sony produces a very wide variety of products. Does the information available on the web site (www. sony. com) appear to be part of an integrated marketing communications effort? Explain your thinking. For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 386. Internet Exercise: Campbell’s Soup Visit the Campbell’s Soup web site (www. campbellsoup. com). Does the web site make it easy for you to get information? Does it make you want to spend more time and get more information? Explain your answer. For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 395. Chapter 15: Personal Selling Internet Exercise: Motivating Tape Company The Motivating Tape Company sells various sales training videos. Go to the firm’s web site at www. achievement. com and then scroll down and select Sales Training. Review the list of sales training videos offered. If a sales manager were going to rely on some of these tapes for training people just moving into a sales career, what key areas of sales training would he have to cover by some other approach? For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 427. Internet Exercise: Symantec Symantec is the maker of various software products, including ACT! personal management software that is used by many salespeople to organize information about their customers, sales calls, and tasks they need to do. Visit the ACT! web site (www. ymantec. com/act) for information about this product. Give a few specific examples of ways that a salesperson could use ACT! to build better relationships with customers. For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 431. Chapter 16: Advertising and Sales Promotion Internet Exercise: NarrowCast Media NarrowCast Media is an Internet firm that provides services for firms that want to advertise on t he Internet and also for web sites that host Internet advertising. Go to its web site (www. narrowcastmedia. com) and read about NarrowCast Media’s various services. Briefly describe the main benefits it provides for advertisers and the main benefits it provides for host sites. For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 455. Internet Exercise: Catalina Marketing Catalina Marketing Corporation is a supplier of in store, electronic scanner activated consumer promotions. Go to the Catalina web site (www. catalinamktg. com) and select Manufacturer Solutions, then review information about its Sampling Programs. Briefly describe, in your own words, how the sampling program works and describe a situation in which a manufacturer might find it useful. For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 468. Chapter 17: Pricing Objectives and Policies Internet Exercise: International Currency Converter Xenon Laboratories has set up a web site with a system that uses current exchanges rates to convert one country’s currency to another. Go to the web site (www. ausmall. com. au), scroll down to the reference section, and click on International Currency Converter. How much is a $100 U. S. worth now in Thai bhats, British pounds, and German marks? How do those number compare with June of 1998 (See Exhibit 17-6)? For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 486. Internet Exercise: ValuPage Catalina, a firm that specializes in targeted sales promotions, set up an on-line system called â€Å"ValuPage. † Consumers can print out a sheet with a list of discounts that sponsoring supermarkets redeem with â€Å"web bucks†Ã¢â‚¬â€œwhich the consumer can then use for any future purchase at the store. Go to the web site (www. supermarkets. com), enter your zip code, and review the system. Do you think this system will be more or less susceptible to fraud than regular coupons? Explain your thinking. For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 492. Chapter 18: Price Setting in the Business World Internet Exercise: Sporting Auction Evergreen Information Technology launched an Internet auction site for many different categories of sporting goods. Go to the auction web site (www. sportingauction. com) and review the activities in two auction categories, one for a sport that is in season and another sport that is not. For example, you might compare snowboarding and golfing. Do you think that season makes a difference in the bidding activity? Explain your thinking. For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 524. Internet Exercise: Tiffany Tiffany Co. is widely recognized as one of the world’s premiere jewelers. It commands high prices for what it offers. Go the Tiffany web site (www. tiffany. com) and review the different sections. Do you think that the web site communicates superior customer value to the Tiffany target market? Explain your opinion and point to specific aspects of the web site that support your view. For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 528. Chapter 19: Implementing and Controlling Marketing Plans: Evolution and Revolution Internet Exercise: BaRaN Systems BaRaN Systems Ltd. has developed a software product called SQC for Excel that works with the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program and makes it easy to do the types of analysis that are useful for quality management. Go to its web site (www. baran-systems. com) and click on the link for SQC for Excel and then at that web page scroll down and look at the â€Å"quick tour† section. What is it about the graphs that makes it easy to see which areas need special attention? For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 544. Internet Exercise: Copernicus Copernicus: The Marketing Investment Strategy Group has developed a comprehensive procedure, The Copernican Decision Navigator, that its consultants have used as the basis for performing marketing audits for many major corporations. The procedure determines if the firm is using â€Å"best practices† in planning and implementing its strategies. Go the Copernicus web site (www. copernicusmarketing. com), scroll down to the items under â€Å"about Copernicus,† and select the link for Marketing Best Practices. Review what is involved in the Copernicus procedure. What are the advantages of having outside experts do this sort of audit? For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 562. Chapter 20: Managing Marketing’s Link with Other Functional Areas Internet Exercise: Cductive CDuctive offers an on-line service in which the customer selects certain tracts of music and, for a fee, CDuctive will create a custom CD of those selections. Explore the CDuctive web site (www. cductive. com), and then list what you think are the major (1) strengths and (2) weaknesses of its approach. For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 578. Internet Exercise: ITW ITW, Inc. has a variety of different businesses that produce different products. Go to the ITW web site (www. itwinc. com) and then select the list of other ITW web sites. After you briefly review the descriptions of ITW’s different web sites, select ITW Brands and study it in more detail. From a cost standpoint, does it make sense to have a unit like ITW Brands? Why or why not? For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 581. Chapter 21: Developing Innovative Marketing Plans Internet Exercise: Survey of Buying Power The Survey of Buying Power has an on-line site that is available on a pay-for-use basis. However, a sample section is available without charge. Go to the web site (www. sbponline. com) and select Samples and then select Samples of Site97. Look at the Income Trend Report (and others if you wish). How would this information be helpful to a retail chain that is considering a new facility for this sample market? For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 604. Internet Exercise: Maytag Go to the Maytag web site (www. maytag. com) and review the information about the Neptune line. Do you see any indication that the strategy for Neptune is changing from what is described in the case that introduces this chapter? Explain your point of view. For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 614. Chapter 22: Ethical Marketing in a Consumer-Oriented World: Appraisal and Challenges Internet Exercise: Ikea Ikea is an innovative furniture company that is using its web site to refine its strategy. It has always relied on information technology to keep costs low by tracking sales at individual stores and using the information to control inventory and reduce shipping costs between the factory, distribution centers, and its massive retail stores. Go to the Ikea web site (www. ikea. com). What else does the web site tell you about Ikea’s strategy? Will the web site help Ikea offer superior value? Explain your answer. For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 629. Internet Exercise: Obvious Implementations Obvious Implementations Corp. is a small consulting and manufacturing firm. Go to its web page (www. obviously. com) and then select How to stop junk mail, e-mail and phone calls. Read through the information and, if you wish, follow some of the links to other sites listed. Should it be easier to avoid mail, e-mail, and calls you don’t want? Explain your thinking. For related discussion in the Basic Marketing text, see page 636. How to cite Internet Exercises Appendix Chapter 1, Essay examples

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Immune System and Highly Organized Centers free essay sample

Redness, selling, pain and heat. Redness is caused by dilation of the blood vessels at the site of injury. Heat results from increased blood flow through the area. Fever is brought on by chemical mediators of inflammation and contributes to the rise in temperature at the site. Edema is caused by the accumulation of fluid outside the blood vessels. 2. Neutrophils are attracted to the site by a process of chemotaxis. Chemotaxis is where cytokines are released at the point of infection by the infected cells also by the compliment cascade. Neutrophils are capable of combating infection in a number of ways, primarily they are able to phagocytize and digest pathogens. They can secrete a number of antibacterial chemicals at the site of infection including lactoferin and cathelicidin. Opsinization is a process carried out by compliment which makes pathogens easier to phagocytize. Roughly translated, opsinize means to prepare to eat. This process is particularly important for the phagocytosis of encapsulated bacteria. We will write a custom essay sample on Immune System and Highly Organized Centers or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page 3. Lymph nodes, in conjunction with the spleen, tonsils, adenoids, Peyers Patches are highly organized centers of immune cells that filter antigen from the extracellular fluid. 4. Tonsils are a pair of soft tissue masses located at the rear of the throat. Each is composed of tissue similar to lymph nodes, covered by pink mucosa. Running through the mucosa of each tonsil are pits called crypts. Tonsils are part of the lymphatic system which helps fight infection. 5. Fever is a positive feedback mechanism which acts towards the direction of change. Fever is opposite of thermoregulation. Substances which induce fever are called pyrogens. Although external pathogens may be the ultimate reason for a fever, it is the internal or endogenous pyrogens that directly cause the increase in the thermoregulatory set-point. 6. WBC are circulating in the blood. An increase in circulating WBC’s, referred to as leukocytosis, can result from several causes IE: certain drugs, leukemia, inflammation, autoimmune disease, allergic response, hyperthyroidism, sarcoidism.